To qualify for the Resident discount, you must live within the district boundaries.

Year-Round Basketball Rim Schedule

Ridgeville Park District Year-Round Basketball Rim Schedule 
(board consensus updated in 2019)

March 1st: Rims are left up around the clock

June 1st: Rims will come down on a daily basis at 9:00pm and put back up at 9:00am the following day

September 15th: Rims are left up around the clock

November 20th: Rims come down for the winter 

Scholarship Information

You can request financial assistance for Ridgeville programs by indicating your need when registering online, or you may fill out a form in our office at 908 Seward St. Click here to download form. 

Would you like to make a contribution towards the Ridgeville Foundation scholarship fund? Click HERE to help more youth and adults particpate in classes and camps at Ridgeville Park!
Ten-Class Sampler Cards

The 10-Class Sampler Card is an EXCELLENT option for those want to take advantage of what RPD has to offer, but whose busy schedules keep them from committing to a full class session. The Sampler Card is valid for one FULL YEAR from the purchase date and lets you try out as many different classes as you'd like! 

Fee: $125 ($25 discount for Seniors 60+)

Register online or in-person for your sampler card. Then, visit the office at 908 Seward St. to pick up your card and start enjoying your favorite classes! Questions? Email

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Adult Classes 2019

  • Fall I Session: August 11-October 5
  • Fall II Session: October 13-December 14
  • Winter: January 19-March 14  

To register for classes online, select the appropriate link below: 

Or Click Here to Download Registration Form if you wish to mail-in your registration with cash/check. You can also register in-person Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm. 

 **Click Here for Online Drop-In Registration!** 

Hatha Yoga

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter CANCELLED

Day/Time: Sunday 10-11:30am

Instructor: Samantha Babbitt

Fees: RPD Residents: $100 / Non-Residents: $110

Come join this accessible yoga class, suitable for any level of experience. Beginning each practice tuning inward, students will focus on subtle movements of the spine and limbs to warm up, moving on to heat building, strengthening and balancing poses, and ending with gentle stretching and calming breathing techniques. Each class will be tailored to the abilities of the class with modifications and props offered throughout. This alignment-based practice will empower students to find what works for their individual body so they can take their practice of self-care off the mat and into the rest of their week.


Multi-Level Yoga

Sessions: Fall II CANCELLED, Winter

Day/Time: Sunday 1-2:30pm 

Instructor: Luna Delgado Dold

Fees: RPD Residents: $100 / Non-Residents: $110

Students will begin practice with gentle Surya Namaskar and be introduced to Shiva Namaskar Vinyasa to warm up the body, bring flexibility to all muscles and joints, and wake up the nervous system. A gentle yet powerful series of balancing, stretching, back bending, twisting and inverted postures may follow depending on the students within each class. Class ends with deep relaxation, breathing, and meditation to bring a sense of well being to the body and peace to the mind. A multi-level and physically absorbing practice can reintegrate the flow of prana (vitality) through the spinal column and promote harmony within all areas of the physical, metabolic & pranic bodies. All are welcome at any level. 


Power Flow Yoga

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Monday 6:40-7:40pm 

Instructor: Samantha Babbitt

Fees: RPD Residents: $85 / Non-Residents: $95

All levels are welcome in this fastpaced Power Vinyasa. Vinyasa means “to flow”, so you will be moving a lot during class and not holding poses for very long. Classes are tailored to work with the energy in class that day. You will be challenged, energized, and hopefully have some fun! Wear comfortable clothes and keep an open mind. 


Yoga for Every Body

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Tuesday 6:30-8pm 

Instructor: Carol Stone

Fees: RPD Residents $100 / Non-Residents $110

Yoga empowers, renews, and connects the body, mind and spirit. In a safe nurturing atmosphere, all participants will be encouraged to embrace their own experience as they improve their strength, awareness, and alignment. The class will include asana practice, some discussion, and deep resting. All ages, back¬grounds, and experience levels are welcome. 


Gentle Yoga for Seniors

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Wednesday 7:30-9am

Instructor: Carol Stone

Fees: RPD Residents: $100 / Non-Residents: $110 ($25 Senior Discount Age 60+)

Senior yoga is for individuals who are extremely active and need to maintain their strength and flexibility, and for those with limited mobility who are in need of enhancing their strength and flexibility to improve their movement capabilities. With attention to proper alignment and injury prevention, Carol’s classes provide nurturing and clear instruction.


Rise & Shine Yoga

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Friday 8:30-9:45am

Instructor: Samantha Babbitt

Fees: RPD Residents: $90 / Non-Residents: $100 

This energizing practice will get your day started off with intention. Incorporating postures that encourage mobility, increase strength and challenge balance, this class aims to leave students feeling uplifted and ready to take on their day. Each class will devote time to morning reflection, centering and mindfully connecting with your breath. All levels of experience welcome. Come start your day off with a little time for yourself! 


Adult Intro to Tap 

Sessions: Fall II, Winter 

Day/Time: Wednesday 10:30-11:15am

Instructor: Laura Downey

Fees: RPD Residents: $80 / Non-Residents: $90

Looking for a way to work up a little sweat while having fun - and moving at a slower pace while breaking down the steps? Try introduction to tap! Basic tap steps will be taught to upbeat music while developing coordination, posture, balance, and articulation of the feet. Tap dancing can also help with memory and overall cognitive health! No experience is necessary and the class will be adapted to the level and interests of the participants.


Adult Intermediate Tap 

Sessions: Fall II, Winter 

Day/Time: Monday 5:30-6:30pm New Time!

Instructor: Stephanie Kilper

Fees: RPD Residents: $85 / Non-Residents: $95

Dig out the old tap shoes and join us for adult tap! This intermediate level tap class challenges balance, coordination and memory while stimulating playfulness, creativity and fun. The class moves at a quicker pace so previous dance experience is recommended but the class will be adapted to the level and interests of the participants. 



Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Monday 6:30-7:30pm

                 Thursday 6:30-7:30pm CANCELLED

Instructor: Stephanie Kilper

Fee: RPD Residents $85 / Non-Residents $95

The Adult Ballet class will introduce basic ballet technique and vocabulary. This class will utilize both barre and center combination work to promote muscle strength and flexibility while increasing ballet knowledge and ability. Emphasis will be on working at a pace that meets that needs of all class members and having fun! Ballet shoes recommended but not required and are not provided by the park district. 


West African Dance Class

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter 

Day/Time: Tuesday 8-9pm 

Instructor: Amy Osterman

Fees: RPD Residents $85 / Non-Residents $95

In this African dance class, we will focus on dances and rhythms from Guinea, West Africa. The music is played by an ensemble of drummers. African dance is great exercise in disguise! You will get a fantastic workout while having fun. West African melodies are richly polyrhythmic and dynamic. The music and dance are intertwined. Your instructors Amy Osterman break down the dance steps in a simple format for you to enjoy! Class is geared towards beginner/intermediate levels, but all levels welcome.


Line Dancing for Beginners

Sessions: Fall I CANCELLED, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm

Instructor: Cynthia McFadden

Fees: RPD Residents $85 / Non-Residents $95

This class features light line dance routines to popular music that we all love! Learn choreographed line dance routines known all over the nation taught by an award winning line dance instructor. Health and fitness through dance increases your endorphins, helping you to lose weight, strengthen your heart and reverse aging. See you on the dance floor!


Zumba GOLD

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Saturday 10-11am

Instructor: Deborah Jimenez

Fees: RPD Residents $85 / Non-Residents $95

The workout that feels like a party! Zumba® mixes high-intensity and low intensity moves with international and mainstream music to deliver a total workout. Come join us for what is often called “exercise in disguise” and let the soaring rhythms move you! Zumba Gold is a class that recreates the original moves of a Zumba class at a lower intensity. You'll find this class ideal for people new to Zumba, active older adults, pregnant women and newbies in their fitness journey. Join the party and leave feeling great!This class is a hybrid of Zumba and Zumba GOLD. Instructor Debbie will teach you how to make adjustments to traditional Zumba moves so that you can enjoy and get the workout that's right for you!



Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm

Instructor: Mishra Keller

Fees: RPD Residents $85 / Non-Residents $95

This incredible workout class was recently featured on the NBC show, This is Us. Created by two female drummers, the POUND workout fuses cardio interval training with drumming to provide a challenging, heart-pumping workout! If you've dreamed of a workout that makes you feel like a rockstar, this is it! Watch THIS to see what POUND is all about! Then go ahead and register because you definitely won't want to miss this class.


Align Strength and Stretch

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Monday 7:45-8:30pm

Instructor: Samantha Babbitt

Fees: RPD Residents: $80 / Non-Residents: $90

Looking for a workout that helps to support good posture? This class will focus on strengthening muscles that are essential to stabilizing our bodies as well as stretching muscles that are often tightened by our lifestyle habits. In addition, we will do exercises to improve body spatial awareness and balance. Exercises will be modifiable for all levels. Join us for an hour and leave feeling a little taller! 



Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Tuesday 6-7pm

Instructor: Dan DeLorenzo

Fees: RPD Residents $85 / Non-Residents $95

Using gentle controlled movements, Feldenkrais® allows individuals to become aware of their unique patterns of movement, which can help them develop more efficient actions. This class is ideal for individuals looking to reduce stress and balance the overall tone of their nervous system. Additionally, Feldenkrais® has proved to reduce workplace injuries that occur from repetitive motion, such as tendonitis and carpel tunnel syndrome. 


Low Impact Movement

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter  CANCELLED

Day/Time: Saturday 9-10am

Instructor: Cynthia McFadden

Fees: RPD Residents $85 / Non-Residents $95

This class features Sit and Fit routines that can be performed from a standard chair or wheelchair. Excellent blood flow routines help healing neuropathy, lowering high blood pressure and knocking out the kinks!


Group Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Tuesday 7-8pm

Instructor: Al Tauber

Fees: RPD Residents $85 / Non-Residents $95

This is a beginners’ class appropriate for all ages (10+), so no experience needed! Students will need to bring a working guitar, a lined notebook, a folder with pockets and a pencil. If students have a portable music stand, they are encouraged to bring it. Students will develop the ability to play simple chords and song structures. If students desire to sing and play they will be encouraged to do so. As students gain the ability to play together, the class will work on a set of songs with students taking different parts and roles.


West African Drum Class

Sessions: Fall I, Fall II, Winter

Day/Time: Saturday 11am-12pm

Instructor: Greg Lundberg

Fees: RPD Residents $85 / Non-Residents $95 

During this 8-week series of classes, students will gain an understanding of 2-3 specific rhythms from Guinea, West Africa that include drum handing and bell patterns of both the Djembe (West African hand drum) and the Doundouns (West African base drums played with drum sticks). Students will walk away feeling a strong sense of accomplishment from this class as the instructor Greg Lundberg will eloquently communicate the knowledge to his students. Class is geared toward beginning to beginning-intermediate levels. All levels are welcome. If you have your own Djembe &/or Doundouns please bring them to class.



Dates: March-November FULL FOR 2019

Day/Time: 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month (18 classes total), 6-8pm

Instructor: Sandra Madison

Fee: RPD Resident $300 / Non-Resident $350

Separate Registration Form (see top of page)

Ridgeville Park’s Garden2Table is back! This new and improved program allows you to plant and grow your own garden with the help of a Master Gardener. Each gardener has their own bed to plant what they will, with the benefit of a bi-monthly, 2-hour class (18 classes total) to learn about growing seeds, planting, harvesting, cooking with fresh produce, etc.! This community-style garden class is appropriate for gardeners of any level and will teach you all you need to know about creating your own beautiful, productive garden.

Please Note: Beds in the Ridgeville Garden are strictly for G2T program use, they are not available for individual rental. G2T program participants will be able to select which bed they wish to claim for the season on the registration form at no additional cost. Space is limited and registration for this program and bed selection is available on a first come, first serve basis.