Year-Round Basketball Rim Schedule

Ridgeville Park District Year-Round Basketball Rim Schedule 
(board consensus established in 2014)

March 1st: Rims are left up around the clock

June 1st: Rims will come down on a daily basis at 8:00pm and put back up at 9:00am the following day

September 15th: Rims are left up around the clock

November 20th: Rims come down for the winter 

This schedule was created by the Park Director and the Board of Commissioners in an attempt to give the members of our community that wish to utilize the courts enough daily play time in the warm weather months, and also respect the members of our community who wish to rest after 8pm.

We thank the Ridgeville community for your compromise and commitment to building an equitable, shared space that appreciates the needs of every neighbor. 

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3-on-3 Summer Basketball!

Tournament Date:  July 20, 2017

Time: 5-7pm

Where: Outdoor Courts at Ridgeville Park, Kamen West Park, and Reba Park

Ages: Grades 5-6, 7-8, High School

Details: Court supervisors will be organizing 3-on-3 tournament-style games at Kamen Park, Reba Park and Ridgeville Park. The winning team from each park's tournament will play in a championship tournament at Ridgeville Park. Refreshments will be served after the tournament. 

Registration begins in June!