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Restorative Arts Collective

The Restorative Arts Collective, founded by Saralina Kamholtz and Myrna Weinman, was born out of a belief in the rejuvenating power of self-care through creative modalities.  Drawing on practitioners grounded in the deep study and practice of their disciplines in movement, music, art, and writing, the Restorative Arts Collective offers classes, workshops, and events that invite authentic personal renewal in the context of community.

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Friday Night Dance Party! 

2018 dragging already?  Come and shake it off at our Friday Night Dance Party....  No booze, no bother, just beats. Hosted by Myrna Weinman and Saralina Kamholtz

Date: Friday, February 23 from 7-9pm

Location: Community House at 908 Seward St.

Fee: $10 (click link above to register!)



Nia: Five Stages

Instructor: Myrna Weinman

Dates: February 26-March 19 (4 classes) 

Day/Time:  Monday 8:30am-9:30am

Fee: $48/person

Description: Nia 5 Stages is a physical practice based on five stages of human development: Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking. Consciously moving through these stages as an adult re-integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements in such a way that after just fve minutes of practice, participants notice improvements in power, range of motion, and ease in areas of their bodies other forms of exercise do not affect. This process of realignment allows the body to do what it is designed to do: explore its potential, self-heal and grow.


Nia: Moving to Heal

Instructor: Myrna Weinman

Dates: February 27-March 20 (4 classes) 

Day/Time:  Tuesday 7-8pm

Fee: $48/person


Reclaiming the Journal (tm)

Instructor: Saralina Kamholtz

Dates: March 1-March 22 (4 classes) 

Day/Time:  Thursday 1-2pm

Fee: $48/person

Description: Most of us have picked up the journal with the hope of some cathartic experience...or, more likely, picked up dozens of journals dozens of times, with dozens of intentions to keep a regular writing practice.  So many starts and stops.  What makes it so hard?  Why does it feel both compelling and foolish?

In this workshop, rediscover the power of a regular journal writing practice and reconnect with the authentic voice that is always with you.


Recovering the Stories of a Life Well-Lived

Instructor: Saralina Kamholtz

Dates: March 2-March 23 (4 classes) 

Day/Time:  Friday 1-2pm

Fee: $48/person

Description: We all have defining moments, stories big and small that have shaped us, that have mattered.  When we are lucky, an opportunity arises and we get to share some story from our lives.  But for so many stories, there isn't a time and place to recount them; so many stories go unacknowledged, wanting a place to be seen, heard.  Writing down the moments and experiences that have marked our lives gives them back to us and gives us a form that we can share. 

In this new year, find the words that give shape to your experience, and take the time to honor the path that only you have travelled.