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Restorative Arts Collective

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Season of Renewal Workshop & Welcome Tea

Instructor: Myrna Weinman & Saralina Kamholtz

Date: January 21

Day/Time:  Sunday 1-3pm (workshop), 3-4pm (welcome tea)

Fee: $30/person (Welcome Tea only is FREE if you'd like to join, email to register attendance)

Season of Renewal Workshop- Make this year a restorative one.  Engage in self-care by tapping into movement and writing practices that can renew us.  Join us for an afternoon of nia-inspired movement and journaling, and launch a new year for yourself that is full of relaxation and possibility. 

Welcome Tea- Come meet people, learn about class offerings, and get your questions answered as we kick-off Restorative Arts Collective at Ridgeville. 


Nia: Five Stages

Instructor: Myrna Weinman

Dates: January 22-March 16 (8 classes) 

Day/Time:  Monday 8:30am-9:30am

                   Friday 8:15am-9:15am

Fee: $96/person

Recovering the Stories of a Life Well-Lived

Instructor: Saralina Kamholtz

Dates: January 23-March 13 (8 classes) 

Day/Time:  Tuesday 1-2pm

Fee: $96/person

Description: We all have defining moments, stories big and small that have shaped us, that have mattered.  When we are lucky, an opportunity arises and we get to share some story from our lives.  But for so many stories, there isn't a time and place to recount them; so many stories go unacknowledged, wanting a place to be seen, heard.  Writing down the moments and experiences that have marked our lives gives them back to us and gives us a form that we can share. 

In this new year, find the words that give shape to your experience, and take the time to honor the path that only you have travelled.

Reclaiming the Journal (tm)

Instructor: Saralina Kamholtz

Dates: January 25-March 15 (8 classes) 

Day/Time:  Thursday 1-2pm

Fee: $96/person

Description: Most of us have picked up the journal with the hope of some cathartic experience...or, more likely, picked up dozens of journals dozens of times, with dozens of intentions to keep a regular writing practice.  So many starts and stops.  What makes it so hard?  Why does it feel both compelling and foolish?

In this workshop, rediscover the power of a regular journal writing practice and reconnect with the authentic voice that is always with you.


Restorative Art & Writing

Instructor: Saralina Kamholtz

Dates: January 26-March 16 (8 classes) 

Day/Time:  Friday 1-3pm

Fee: $200/person

Description: Have you ever watched a child lose herself in play?  Given materials and left to her own devices, she follows her impulse, exploring color, texture, and imagination.  She is engaged and completely unattached to final outcome.  As adults, we often find it difficult to connect with creativity in this same spirit of play, and we rarely give ourselves the time and space to do so.

In this workshop, use art and writing as tools for your own discovery.  Follow your creative impulse and enjoy the freedom waiting there.