Year-Round Basketball Rim Schedule

Ridgeville Park District Year-Round Basketball Rim Schedule 
(board consensus updated in 2019)

March 1st: Rims are left up around the clock

June 1st: Rims will come down on a daily basis at 9:00pm and put back up at 9:00am the following day

September 15th: Rims are left up around the clock

November 20th: Rims come down for the winter 

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Ridgeville Park District Staff

Brian Rosinski - Director of Parks and Recreation

Natalie Sallee - Program Director/Corporate Secretary

Jesseca Parr- Office Assistant

Ruben Sierra - Park Maintenance

Marcos Cruz - Park Maintenance

Throughout the year, Ridgeville also employes 20-45 part-time employees for seasonal programs.

Ridgeville Park District supports community involvement in park planning and improvements. Please call if you are interested: (847) 869-5640.