Year-Round Basketball Rim Schedule

Ridgeville Park District Year-Round Basketball Rim Schedule 
(board consensus updated in 2019)

March 1st: Rims are left up around the clock

June 1st: Rims will come down on a daily basis at 9:00pm and put back up at 9:00am the following day

September 15th: Rims are left up around the clock

November 20th: Rims come down for the winter 

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Annual Soccer Festival!

Date: July 13, 2019

Time: 10am-1pm

Festival Chair: Elliott Hurtig 

Kamen East and Kamen West Park (South Blvd, in between Ridge and Asbury)

This is a family friendly event. Although the participants will all be adult men and women, kids are encouraged to come watch. 

Mission: The Goals are not the Goal!
The purpose of this festival is to celebrate the beautiful game of soccer and to celebrate the diverse group of people who play the game. Everyone who plays is a winner. Score will not be kept and there will not be referees. Everyone will play the same number of games. The tournament will provide a great opportunity to bring friends, family, and neighbors together to enjoy a festive day of soccer, food, and music.

Game Divisions: There will be three different divisions of play.

  • Marley: This is for the youngest players seeking the most “competitive” game yet still keeping it mellow and “Irie.”
  • Chavez: This middle group is for players between 30-45.
  • M.L.K.: This older age group is for those players over 40 who want to mainly survive the experience of playing 3 games.

Uniforms: Ridgeville will not provide team jerseys. Teams are responsible for wearing some sort of unified color. Pennies will be available for teams who wear conflicting colors.

Number of Players per Team: There is no maximum, but teams should show up with no less than five players. A healthy roster has five-six players. Extra players are required to ensure that games can continue if unexpected absences occur.

Game Duration: 20 minutes straight. No halftime break. Every team is guaranteed at least three games.

Substitution: Subs must come on at midfield and can happen any time the ball goes out of bounds or there is a stoppage of play.

Kick offs: Kick offs may be kicked in any direction. Ball must be over the mid-line to score. No throw ins, all balls are kicked in from the sidelines. All kicks are indirect. Players must move 5 yards away from any indirect kick.

The Goal Box: No one allowed in the goal box area. If ball stops moving in box, the defensive team can get it. Please do not play “goalie” and hang out in front of your goal. That is not in the spirit of the game.

Slide Tackles: Absolutely NO slide tackles.

Fees: $50 per team.

All proceeds from this event will support The Ridgeville Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. To read more about the foundation, please click here! 



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